30 Thoughts From 30 Years of Living
October 14, 2019 | Gary Knighton
Today is my 30th Birthday! Happy Birthday to me!

Turning 30 is supposed to be a significant milestone, so here are 30 thoughts on life as I enter the next decade.

I hope you find some of these helpful.

  1. Ironing your clothes at night saves you at least fifteen minutes the following morning.
  2. Aspirations are healthy as long as they are pursued from a place of contentment.
  3. If someone invites you to a meeting, be sure to add value.
  4. People who don't reflect, are more likely to repeat the mistakes they made before, even in the same situations.
  5. Hope is not a tactic.
  6. It's easier to be still and patient when we admit our need for Jesus' leading.
  7. Every scripture that applies to a platonic relationship applies that much more to a marital relationship.
  8. Sometimes Jesus leads us where we don't want to go.
  9. If not now, then when.
  10. We need to pray more as a Church.
  11. Hatred corrodes the container that carries it.
  12. In the toughest seasons of life, God is setting up more than we can see.
  13. Sometimes comfort is the enemy of success.
  14. Worship is a choice, not a feeling.
  15. Real expectations come from real communication. Everything else is speculation.
  16. Ask questions
  17. Write things down if they are important to you.
  18. Don't be afraid to go back to a thought or idea that escaped your grasp in a previous season of life.
  19. Take the time to do the things you want to do and see the places you want to see; it matters, trust me.
  20. Learn from different people.
  21. Make as much time for prayer as possible.
  22. Find a problem in your community and solve it.
  23. Change takes time. Be patient with people and yourself.
  24. Listening is a skill, work on it.
  25. Taking breaks from social media is healthy.
  26. Sometimes you have to laugh at your problems to keep your sanity. Find your laughter.
  27. Being present for your family is so important.
  28. Learn to be content.
  29. Giving is better than receiving.
  30. It's okay to evolve. Don't ever apologize for growing.

Thanks for being a part of my journey, and for allowing me to be a part of yours.
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