Fall Symposium
Oct 17, 2020
10 am - 3 pm
About The Symposium
We want to see revival sweep through New England and we believe that engaging, equipping, and encouraging the gospel communicator is a major part of seeing that vision come to past. This is a event designed to speak directly into the life and ministry of the gospel communicator. Those who make this invest will leave the symposium clearer, stronger, and connected to a group of people who desire to see their ministry thrive as Jesus intended!
Preaching Track
Preaching Track(PT) tickets are designed to give you a live opportunity to invest a little more your preaching ministry.
Our PT Registration Features
Preaching Experience
An opportunity to deliver a fifteen minute message from an assigned passage of scripture.
Constructive Feedback
Written feedback from a panel of preachers using a sermon evaluation rubric
Personal Reflection
A digital copy of your message for you to review along with the feedback that you can add to your preaching portfolio
One-on-One Coaching
A hour talk with Pastor Gary to talk about you feedback and your next steps
Become a Sponsor
Much of what we do is made possible by our sponsors! You can join the team today and make a gospel difference throughout New England!
Read what others had to say...
Chris Westcott
CRU Missionary - 2020 Winter Symposium
Everything that was said spoke to my life...every single message had a specific detail that I'm currently going through in my life, and I'm taking that home!
Gabriel Muniz
Blogger - 2020 Winter Symposium
I really appreciated the diversity of thought and experiences that everyone had to share...it was great hearing from different life stories and experiences, I thought was really edifying...I was blessed!
Alanah Percy
Teacher - 2020 Winter Symposium
It was so great to hear from everybody, from their experiences. But more than that, to feel the spirit of God, and everything together in a way that made sense...I pray it will continue!
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