Student Testimonial: I Am Stronger Today!
Guest Post by Lashan Lee
With Lashan's permission I am sharing his testimony about her time with us and spiritual journey here at the University that was featured in one of our newsletters in this spring 2019.

From being part of University of Hartford InterVarsity, to handing Grilled Cheese sandwiches to college students who wanted to know more about God, to later that same night finding out that there's a Faith Fellowship Church and Protestant Campus Ministry worship service on Tuesday nights on campus, made me so excited, I really wanted to know more about it.

My faith in Christ as I entered University of Hartford wasn't as strong as it is today. I thank God for placing me among people from Faith Fellowship Church and Protestant Campus Ministry, who helped me to live the life before God; without Him, I wouldn't know nothing. As I go from day to day, I also thank Him for leading me among the right people to help teach me how to pray, how to read the Word, and trust in God. I thank God, for this ministry! I also thank God for my Nana who helps me and teaches me how to pray.

Being a part of this ministry has also made a positive impact on my life at home, I praise God that. I don't know it all, but as I sit and listen to what I am being taught up under the teaching of Scripture, it helps me; it strengthens me from day to day. As I continue to work in the ministry, I'm gaining an understanding about how to live for God and I pray that God will help me to be obedient to His will and way.

It's not easy but Pastor Gary and the people who are a part of this church and campus ministry help me to learn more and more about Jesus, and I'm thankful for knowing Christ better! Please continue to pray for me as I press my way from day to day. I love this Church and Campus Ministry a lot because it is a comfortable place that brings everyone together! So when Pastor Gary says, "We are here because this ministry loves college students," I know this to be true!
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